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Virgil summons Max to inform him that he may not be the real Cap Bearer, and that they may have found the real Mighty One. Virgil devises a test to decide who is the real chosen one, a test that prove

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original title: Max vs. Max

genge: Animation,Action,Adventure,Fantasy,Horror,Thriller



duration: 30min



















































Virgil summons Max to inform him that he may not be the real Cap Bearer, and that they may have found the real Mighty One. Virgil devises a test to decide who is the real chosen one, a test that proves to be disastrous for the world. Skullmaster returns in what is easily the best episode in a while and one of my favourites. Skullmaster was always so effortlessly awesome. Whatever the ancient demon-sorcerer was doing, no matter how mundane it always seemed to be in the realm of epic! His motivation? Hunger for power, and pure evil!!! He was only in eleven of the forty episodes but it felt like much more than that, the character's appearances were so well utilised and spaced apart. And his story arc was simple, but wonderfully effective. First he wants freedom from his fiery underworld prison, then he wants a forbidden spell book that will greatly aid him in his quest for ultimate domination over all - and there's your hook! Simple, but it works. He was unquestionably the big arch-nemesis to beat, and the balance of power was always with him. This story begins with the devilish villain in a mountain base in the Himalayas, torturing some poor old monk by dangling him over an abyss and threatening to let him fall unless he reveals the location of a hidden city of the extinct Lemurian civilization wherein lies the magical tome of the Lemurian Arcana. The man's response is not to Skullmaster's liking and he makes good on his threat, allowing the man to plummet to his death... Jeez! Quite a pleasant thing for little kids to see on a sunny Saturday morning! That dude is *dead*. Let it not be said that Mighty Max was an animated show that was ever wanting for dark flourishes! And I really like that, not somebody being killed of course that's awful, but I appreciate the maturity of that. Our heroes couldn't be everywhere to save everyone all the time, it wasn't like in He-Man where everything was just an endless march of victory. Despite being light-hearted on the surface there was a real element of danger to this series. Anyway in this one he devises an elaborate scheme to confuse Virgil and allow him to break into the secret city by using another boy with the same birthday to cast doubt on Max's role as the chosen one, so that he puts the two Maxes through a series of tests in which he and Norman are not permitted to interfere, although Norman slyly breaks the rules a few times. It's made clear not too far into the story that the snooty Harry Potter-like "Maximillion" is a no-good double agent under the control of Skullmaster. This is the first time that Skullmaster ever actually lays hands on Max when he takes him hostage and threatens to slit his throat(!) unless Virgil reveals where he hid the Arcana five-hundred years ago. That Max sure always knew just the right thing to say at any given moment, he's always so casual, even when a giant hulking freak demon is about to cut his face off! It's a great moment when he breaks free by releasing a vicious yeti that had been menacing them earlier and that immediately pounces on Skullmaster! I love the unintentionally hilarious yeti which is scary and funny at the same time with its crazy over-the-top roaring! I like the way that Norman remains on Max's side all through the confusing ordeal and never doubts for a second that he's the one and only Cap-Bearer. And it's also great to see how much Max has come to accept his role. And it is admittedly pretty peculiar that Virgil doubts who the real Mighty One is after all he's done to help save the world already, but maybe he was just playing along, maybe there was a greater test at work to see if Max truly wanted to remain the Cap-Bearer or to live a normal life. This is a really strong adventurous episode and I love it, it's pretty freaking cool, and pretty inventive, I know I probably sound like a broken record by now saying that this episode is great, and that one is - but it's just that they really are, that's all! I'm sorry, I love gushing about a series that's very stylistically awesome, and so much fun to watch, and god damn, the people who love retro animated 90's shows and who have never experienced this series before, get on it!!!


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